Frequently Asked Questions




Do you do commissions? 
I'm afraid I don't take commissions.  I enjoy the freedom to creating what I want and not to work under any pressure.  Please don't ask ♥


When do you add new New Characters to your Website?


I list at the end of the week when I have some little characters Finished.  I'm afraid I don't give


a  time to try to avoid the over selling problem.  Please see below.


I'm afraid I had to stop sending out Newsletters due to the over selling problem and the stress it was causing.



What Scale do you work in?


I only work in 48th Scale now.

Over Selling.
I'm afraid every Shopping Cart I've tried has over sold if 2 or more people add and pay for a item at the same time.  I will refund the second person straight away.  My apologies when this happens.


Do you sell your work anywhere else?


No I sell just from my website.


Do you show at any Fairs?


I'm afraid I don't do any Fairs as I suffer from UC which makes it impossible and I also don't have the courage.


Postal Charges
I send all 48th Scale Characters by 48 Tracked for the UK and Track and Sign Worldwide.  It is peace of mind for both me and my customers.    Blythe Dolls Clothes I send a 1st Class Large Letter.


Fund Raising
I make Blythe Dolls Clothes and a few Needle Felted items to raise money for Marie Curie and MND in my spare time which is usually during the Winter months.


December '21 I reach 66 years and qualify for my State Pension 😍 so I will retire from Doll Making.  I will continue to make a few dolls but it will be a hobby.